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AG Snow & Stump Logo Ottawa Ontario. Image of a snowflake and a cut tree Tel 613-410-9702
AG Snow & Stump tree clearing service, stump removal Ottawa ON - photo man sawing fallen tree

Snow and Stump

Stress-free service plans

AG Snow & Stump removal - yard work - tree felled with chain saw, in pieces in green yard with trees
Quality Service You Can Trust
  • Certified with 20 years experience operating both heavy equipment and chainsaws

  • 30 years experience with various snow and removal equipment 

  • Fully insured for all types of work

  • We VALUE: Communication, Accountability, Reliability, Professionalism

  • We ARE the snow plowing/removal company that exclusively services residential, rural and commercial clients in Russell, Embrun, Vars, and Limoges, Ontario Canada

  • We additionally service Ottawa during spring, summer and fall months

Year-round Service

Getting Stuff done

Service truck with front snow shovel on snow with AG Snow and Stump logo on side of truck.

Services Offered

AG Snow & Stump removal & maintenance - photo of lawn work tools & yard being serviced. Wheel barrow
check mark in a circle

Snow Plowing

•    Residential driveways
•    Small commercial parking lots
•    No salting is provided

Stump Grinding

•    Small stump specialist maximum 35 inches in diameter
•    Can enter tight spaces – only 28 inches needed

Tree Removal

•    Small residential
•    Land clearing
•    Selected felling/cutting

Log Splitting

•    Mobile log splitting
•    Wood stacking

Wood Chipping

  • Brush chipping

  • Small branch (5 inch max diameter)

Property Maintenance

•    Spring clean up (will not pick up animal waste or household garbage)
•    Grass Cutting
•    Weed whacking
•    Edging (clean separation between pools, walkways, driveways, etc)

Heavy Equipment Work

•    Gravel road building or repair
•    Moving pallets 
•    Rough grading
•    Earth moving (moving trucked in materials such as stone, earth)
•    Small demolition

Steve Ames

“Two years ago I was contemplating ordering two dump trucks loads of stone dust grade gravel to rejuvenate my rural driveway that was badly in need of repair. At my age that would also have required also renting a skid steer, or some other piece of equipment, to level it all out. After all, when the truck starts dumping it leaves a good sized berm of stone and it’s a lot of work moving it by hand. Since we have overhead wires that require dropping the box and raising it again part way we would have at least 3 berms to spread and level by hand. I feel that I saved a good amount of money having AG use his stone raking equipment to loosen up and re-distribute all the gravel that had been laid over the more than 30 years I’ve been here. The potholes were gone, the driveway looked great and it wore better than a newly graveled driveway in my estimation as I took less out to the road on my tires afterward. Highly recommended to restore your driveway in an afternoon and a better price.”


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