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AG Snow & Stump Truck with snow shovel attachment on front. Company logo on side in black and white.
AG Snow & Stump - Aaron in front of tree - blue t-shirt with name on sleeve, logo baseball hat.
AG Snow & Stump Logo Ottawa Ontario - half snow flake, name, half a tree stump plus t. 613-410-9702

Thank you to our clients who took the time to let us know how we are doing!

We love to get feedback from you!



Steve Ames

“Two years ago I was contemplating ordering two dump trucks loads of stone dust grade gravel to rejuvenate my rural driveway that was badly in need of repair. At my age that would also have required also renting a skid steer, or some other piece of equipment, to level it all out. After all, when the truck starts dumping it leaves a good sized berm of stone and it’s a lot of work moving it by hand. Since we have overhead wires that require dropping the box and raising it again part way we would have at least 3 berms to spread and level by hand. I feel that I saved a good amount of money having AG use his stone raking equipment to loosen up and re-distribute all the gravel that had been laid over the more than 30 years I’ve been here. The potholes were gone, the driveway looked great and it wore better than a newly graveled driveway in my estimation as I took less out to the road on my tires afterward. Highly recommended to restore your driveway in an afternoon and a better price.”


Tracy Hamilton

"Haven’t had an issue once this year getting in or out of my driveway. I work shift work so very impressed with the service."


Sean Delaney

"Aaron came by and cleared about 20 trees for me this week. He did a wonderful job cleaning up and left my property in the same condition he found it. I would have no hesitation in referring him to any of my friends. We have some more projects planned for later this summer and I have no qualms about using him again. Thanks again Aaron. You did a terrific job!"

July 2, 2021

Mushtaba Hares

"Awesome service and awesome experience couldn’t ask for a better guy to get all those stumps removed. 100% recommend him!!! Thanks for the amazing work the yard looks way better without those stumps."


Julie Deschenes

"When I first contacted them for a quote, they happened to be in the area and were at our door in like 10 minutes. Both Kim and Aaron are very pleasant and accommodating. I'm so glad we can rely on them. Our driveway is quite long and we have a rural property. I appreciate their hard work!"


Jarrod Goldsmith

"Had an excellent experience with AG Snow and Stump! Aaron explained exactly what would happen, was extremely knowledgeable and did a perfect job. I can’t even tell two stumps were gone!
As an added bonus he split lots of wood for me (about 2.5 cords). Overall excellent job!"

July 3, 2021

Jessica White

"AG Snow and Stump is the best in town! He came to our office to give us a quote on yearly snow removal, instantly I felt like I was in good hands, Mr Aaron knows very well what he is doing & care a lot about client service & goes the extra mile to make a client happy. Very much recommended!"

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